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Commercial HVAC System Tips for this Fall Season

hvac systemNow that fall is officially here, you should make sure your business’ HVAC system is equipped for the changing weather. There are a number of factors that need to be evaluated and adjusted. As you might imagine, a transition from air conditioning to heating in your building creates different strains on the system that keeps it comfortable to work in. While regular maintenance on your HVAC system is obviously important, preparations for extreme hot or cold weather is doubly so, because those periods create the greatest strain on your HVAC system.  

Here are a few season-specific things that you should consider when it’s time for you get a seasonal tune up:

  1. General cleanup: Start with the basics. Clearing out any dirt or dust in the components of your HVAC system is the first obvious step, as dirty systems output hampered performance.
  2. Carefully test the newly cleaned system to ensure everything is as it should be. You can assess whether a part needs to be fixed or replaced.
  3. Verify when the system is going to be active: Having preset times of activity going forward for your system can help you plan the expected average work load as the weather gets colder. At the very least, this will prevent the system from running when it would be a waste otherwise.
  4. Assess the functionality of your system’s humidifier. The humidifier is an incredibly important component of your HVAC system, as it combats the otherwise arid conditions that winter heating can create.
  5. Hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. Sure, there are many things you could research and do some DIY fixes for, but ideally you should have experts assess the situations as well. One such company in New York is called the BP Group, who can handle the broad spectrum of commercial HVAC maintenance.

That covers the major factors to consider for fall HVAC maintenance. If you’re unsure how to proceed, simply get a professional outside opinion. Lastly, here’s a video that I find helpful in explaining fall HVAC tips.