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National Outdoor Lighting Month

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month. For both the community of lighting professionals and homeowners, this month was created to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of security and safety. Outdoor lighting provides both.

Security, Safety and Style!

With proper lighting and installation comes a sense of security. Intruders are less likely to choose a home that is well-lit for obvious reasons. Along with security is safety. For the front yard, it’s important to have the driveway, walkways and entrance lit. This helps to prevent vehicle accidents, trips and falls, and provides enough light for unlocking the door without an issue, which can bring us back to the security point. At nighttime, especially this time of year when it gets dark earlier, everyone wants to get into their homes safely and efficiently.

There are different kinds of lights for the different areas mentioned above. Flood lights and pier mount lights are for driveways and garages, landscape lights are for walkways,  flush-mount lights and hanging lights are for entries and porches, wall lanterns are perfect for right outside the front door, and post lantern lights can be beneficial anywhere, but are especially helpful and stylish next to steps.

Speaking of style, outdoor lights have definite curb appeal. The types of lights listed above add style to both the front and backyard, which is beneficial when hosting company on the porch or in the yard. If your yard was already prepared for summer nights spent outside, leave it up to enjoy throughout the fall. Throw in a few hanging lanterns to accompany you and your guests while relaxing around the fire.


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Making the Most of Your iPad with Accessories

When purchasing an iPad, there are many accessories to consider in order to make the most out of the iPad’s functions. The iPad by itself is a pretty nifty product, but I’ve done some research and trial and error of my own to curate a list of accessories that pair well with the iPad.


A Stand:

One benefit of an iPad stand is easier television and movie watching. Instead of looking down for a long period of time or propping it up against something unstable, it’s best to invest in a secure stand. It also makes for great help in the kitchen. Many use their iPads to look up recipes, and the stand make the recipe easy to view while preparing whatever it may be. Just like recipe reading and following is benefited, regular reading is as well. Because of the iPad’s size, it’s a popular device for readers.

A Keyboard:

While touch screens are innovative and a lot of us have become used to them, there are still times when a keyboard is useful and easier. An attachable keyboard is great because it’s not there permanently, but it’s easy to install when needed. You can have the best of both worlds — the keyboard of a laptop with the portability of an iPad.

Protective Cases:

There is a large market for mobile cases, and they’re becoming more and more innovative. For example, waterproof cases and ones with different compartments for holding credit cards, money and other items of similar size. They’re available in different colors and styles, making it easy to take the plain iPad and make it your own. For the iPad in particular, I recommend two features. The ability to turn into a stand when the case is flipped open and a compartment for the stylus pen.


Along with the keyboard, specific apps help to make the iPad feel like a laptop. While you don’t necessarily purchase the iPad to replace your laptop, it’s beneficial to have the option to do the same tasks. This way, it can act as your primary “computer” if need be or desired. These apps include: Workflow, Office 365, Keynote, Numbers, SugarSync, and Dropbox.

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